Approaching Women: Tips to Overcome Shyness

Getting a date online is easy, but how about getting a date offline? Stats show that most of the time, men are afraid to ask girls out for a date which turns out to be true. But does that really matter? To women, yes, and to men, definitely yes. There is a big chance that you will regret everything in the end and turn into blaming yourself almost in everything that miserably happened into your life.

So how totally devastating is it not to overcome shyness in asking a girl? It can ruin your life, you probably, or perhaps surely will never get yourself a wife by letting your shyness overcome you. So here are some useful tricks and tips that you must do to overcome shyness in asking a girl out for a date.

Never Doubt Yourself – when you see the girl you want to ask out, don’t ever put into your mind that you will never be able to get even a simple response from her. You can start approaching and saying something like how’s the day been going. Instead, you should focus on things that can start out conversations.

Don’t Give Out That Nerd Style – when asking a girl out, be a man. Don’t ever make yourself look ridiculous. Say and ask her out by letting her see and feel that you really are serious. Don’t give that look where you are feeling awkward and staring around the ceiling to the ground. Focus, look into her eyes or some parts of her face.

Practice, practice, practice – socializing to people who you hardly know will give you an advantage in overcoming shyness. You will get accustomed to be confident enough to stand out among the crowd. If you feel rejection or you are being pushed away, you can return the favor by giving small compliments or just joke around it. This will make people think that you are not an easy guy and you are tough to beat with.

So no matter what, don’t ever look yourself as a small whiner out on a desert looking for water. Be a man, make a move and if anything still doesn’t work out right, look for another woman to ask out to.

Avoiding First Date Disasters: A Few Reminders to Avoid Such Unlikely Thing

Before going out on a date, you must ask your partner “to be” on what day should be the scheduled time for your date. You can both talk about what place you like your date to take place, in this way, you can plan the way on how to get dressed. Of course, you don’t want to get dressed or suit up on a bar, you can ask both either way to get dressed in a comfortable casual dress.

If you are a shy one, you can choose places like bars, sidewalk coffee shops or mall restaurants where you can view passing people. This will help you out when you run out of things to say and just turn your attention into the passer byes. You can switch the topic out by saying something on the passer byes and ask questions by getting ideas from the passing people.

To make your partner know that you are looking forward to make it a more serious relationship, you can either cue her by glancing on the eyes and then to the lips. Do a soft smile rather than smiling a lot and giving that feeling of closeness even though you have only met a few days. And right after closing the date, you can ask if you can get a date with him/her next time, the place, and the time of day. For more info and tips, you can watch the video below.

7 First Date Tips to Charm Your Date

First impressions matter a lot in real life. And just like that, a first date plays a big part in charming a girl and making a good impression if you’re trying to woo her.

These are just a couple of key rules behind making a great first impression on a first date:


  1. Relax. Firstly, learn to relax when you’re on the date. Your date wants to impress you just as much as you want to impress her. So instead of behaving like you’re going into a losing battle, lose your nervousness and try to have a nice time instead.


  1. Converse. And secondly, be a good conversationalist. No one likes a guy who doesn’t converse, not even your own guy friends. I’m not a great conversationalist but I keep a few pointers in mind to talk about during the date. As soon as you feel more comfortable during the date, you’d be able to relax and communicate better with each other.


  1. Don’t be late. Punctuality matters a lot on a first date, especially when you’re the guy. This is the most difficult for me to pull as I am always a late person. But I do compensate by bringing in roses.


  1. Plan something nice, and let her know most of your plans. A perfect way to plan a good date is to make the evening feel more eventful by going to more than just one place. After me and my date are done eating our dinner on a restaurant, I take her to see some movies or vice versa.


  1. Show off your protective streak. An important first date tip that most guys forget is this one. You don’t need to wait for several dates until both of you are dating exclusively to make the girl feel like a princess. Take care of her and make her feel like she can depend on you for anything when you’re around.


  1. Dress up for the date. A girl takes more than an hour to dress up and look good on the date, just to impress you and look good for you. Don’t you think you need to reciprocate that favour for her? Dressing up in something clean and crisp is the least you can do to make the girl feel respected on the date. And she’ll definitely be impressed to see that you’ve made the effort to look nice for her too.


  1. Seduce her with your fragrance. Smelling great on a first date definitely has a lot of perks. Each time I go close to my date to say something, she’d get a hint of my manly fragrance. And as long as it smells great on me, it’ll surely make a good impression on her too.


If you think about it, these are little details that aren’t too hard to follow. And they’re really easy to use on a date. So the next time you’re planning a date, keep these 7 first date tips for guys in mind. They definitely won’t let you down!