Avoiding First Date Disasters: A Few Reminders to Avoid Such Unlikely Thing

Before going out on a date, you must ask your partner “to be” on what day should be the scheduled time for your date. You can both talk about what place you like your date to take place, in this way, you can plan the way on how to get dressed. Of course, you don’t want to get dressed or suit up on a bar, you can ask both either way to get dressed in a comfortable casual dress.

If you are a shy one, you can choose places like bars, sidewalk coffee shops or mall restaurants where you can view passing people. This will help you out when you run out of things to say and just turn your attention into the passer byes. You can switch the topic out by saying something on the passer byes and ask questions by getting ideas from the passing people.

To make your partner know that you are looking forward to make it a more serious relationship, you can either cue her by glancing on the eyes and then to the lips. Do a soft smile rather than smiling a lot and giving that feeling of closeness even though you have only met a few days. And right after closing the date, you can ask if you can get a date with him/her next time, the place, and the time of day. For more info and tips, you can watch the video below.